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Welcome to (SAJTH)South Asian Journal for Tourism & Heritage (International Referred Research Journal) ISSN No 0974-5432 ( Print)

Journal Patron - Dr. Laxmi Kant

Chief Editor - Dr. Abhinav K.Raina

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Graham Greene once remarked: "Outside the window an ocean of long undulating grass stretched to a pale green horizon. There was the talkative cheerfulness of journey's end in the air". A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. The Centre for Tourism & Heritage Research under the auspices of the Department of Commerce, Dayanand College Ajmer, has taken a step forward by launching a new Interdisciplinary International Referred Research Journal - the South Asian Journal of Tourism & Heritage (SAJTH).

It is indeed a timely step taken forward by the Center in the field. It is not the journey's end but the beginning of it and thus a talkative cheerfulness is all pervading.

South Asian Journal of Tourism & Heritage (SAJTH) focuses on exploring the many facets of one of the most notable and widespread types of tourism. Tourism & Heritage is among the very oldest forms of travel as such, this form of tourism dominates the industry in many parts of the world and involves millions of people.

During the past few decades, the study of tourism has become highly fragmented and specialized into various theme areas, or concentrations. This academic attention has resulted in the publication of hundreds of referred articles in various scholarly media, yet, until now there has been no journal devoted specifically to tourism & heritage issues.

The material published in SAJTH covers all scientific, conceptual and applied disciplines related to tourism, travel, hospitality and leisure, including: economics, management, planning and development, ecology and environment marketing, human resources, sociology, psychology, geography, information and communication technologies, transportation, service quality, finance, food and beverage, and education.  (International Journal on Tourism Research)

South Asian Journal of Tourism & Heritage (Bi Annual International Referred Research Journal)

ISSN: 0974-5432
Publication Frequency: 2 issues per year

Publisher: Centre for Tourism & Heritage Research, Department of Commerce, Dayanand College, Ajmer - INDIA.
July 2013, Vol. 6, No. 2

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